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Ticket To Ride has not yet received distribution

THE ROAD TO JACOB (2011) short drama

After being released from prison, Dean Cooper is faced with a choice. Will he fall back into his criminal ways or try to be the father his son deserves? Witness one man's struggle to overcome society's prejudices while gaining the self worth needed to enter his son's life.

The Road To Jacob has received distribution with SHORTS HD - The Short Movie Channel

Cock Pit (2012) short comedy

Dennis and Darryl have been best friends since flight school. Now private pilots for a big company, the friends have several bad habits that are causing a lot of problems. A life changing opportunity has been offered and all that stands in the way is their crazy antics and their boss's jealous son.

CockPit has received distribution with IndieFlix


Ticket To Ride (2013) short comedy

Ticket to Ride is the story of what happens when a store clerk and his cat get stuck in between two best friends and 70 million dollars.  A witty and thought provoking comedy, Ticket To Ride, explores how far someone would go for money and friendship.


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